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Bill eats it and goes Super Saiyan.
I need pancakes...
Once Bill turns Super Saiyan he forgets all about his gay powers and suddenly becomes an ultra mega conservative among mortal men
A couple years laterBill fuses with the earths core and explodes killing everyone because he saw a Tik Tok

This is the story: There's a guy named Jim who has a fetish for toes. He has a magical unicorn who became the president of Brazil, put messed everything up. Jim's unicorn can speak Russian, so Jim's unicorn made communism 2. Jim's unicorn starts to sacrifice humans, but Jim himself ends up being one of the sacrifices. However, Jim died in a car crash while on his way to be sacrificed, and his body is feasted on by the communists. The communists couldn't split Jim's body equally, so they start killing each other. Bill Nye steps up to stop the brutal commies using the power of anime. However, the anime is gay and makes Bill gay because its gay. Bill, using his new found gay powers, destroys the cannibals and brings world peace. Until everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. The four nations were at war, but Bill uses his gaybending abilities to end the war ANd possibly a hot dATE. However this hot date was an extremely warm sweet, dark brown oval fruit containing a hard stone. Bill ate it and went Super Saiyan. Sadly, Bill lost his gay powers, but he was still worshipped by mortals. a couple years later, Bill fuses with the earths core and explodes killing everyone because he saw a Tik Tok.


Someone start a new story.
I need pancakes...

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