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1st album
Hi everybody,

I've been making music for about six months now and this is the first release that I can actually call an 'album".
It's all self-produced and recorded, so take a look and let me know what you think.

<URL url="https://warmlonelyplanet.bandcamp.com/album/the-mansion">https://warmlonelyplanet.bandcamp.com/album/the-mansion</URL>
<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/warmlonelyplanet/sets/the-mansion">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/warmlonelyplanet ... he-mansion">https://soundcloud.com/warmlonelyplanet/sets/the-mansion</LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>
This is 'The Mansion', a story about a house and two people and the things that they do.
Hey, good to see you here. Welcome!

The track, "Wild Grapes" is what I will be focusing on here.
I like the strumming pattern, it's erratic. However I'd imagine that it's hard to keep consistent, for the most part you do really well -- but there are just a couple instances where it falls flat. Honestly though if I weren't trying to give you legit feedback like I either wouldn't notice or care/(be bothered), I don't think it takes AWAY from anything you've got here.
I like the chord progression, suspended chords are some of my favourite. Lyrically I hear a religious allusion that I thought was good, I'm not entirely what the song is about (despite your description, although that mainly covers the overall thematics of the record.), and there are also a few lyrics which I can't hear very well. Personally, I don't mind muffled vocals, or vocals that take a back-seat to the instrumental. However, in singer-songwriter kind of stuff I think it's pretty important to be clearly heard, especially if you're trying to convey something or tell a story. Do you record your guitar and vocals simultaneously? That's the impression I've got, but if not then you can just slightly raise the vocal and probably be fine. Your vocals are nice, they honestly just remind me of a few specifically indie artists I've hear before.
It's a nice bit of music. If there is any particular track you'd like me to talk about, just let me know. Is it acoustic guitar + vocals for the entire record or is there additional instrumentation as well?
Thanks for sharing!
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