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[LO-FI] waiting for a textback - esther glitchy
<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/waiting-for-a-textback-prod-by">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/wa ... ck-prod-by">https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/waiting-for-a-textback-prod-by</LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

yo, esther glitchy here. this is a song i dropped a couple days ago, been trying to record and mix things to the best of my ability because i can only work on music with my phone. i used a free beat from youtube that i liked. i guess i'm trying to go for that indie lo-fi bedroom pop vibe?

likes and follows are appreciated, i'll return any that i get.


Hey Esther, glad you made it here.

I know you didn't create the instrumental, but you did <I>choose</I> it. I love it, it's great. Dreaminess is a quality that I adore in music.
Your voice is melodic, and soft. I can hear a lot of the lyrics, although for some of them I really have to pay close attention. It might be on purpose, I'm not sure because lo-fi is like that sometimes. It might be hard to balance things out, because the vocals are part of the music in a case like this. So I think the vocals should either be a little louder, digitally, or you should be conscious of when the music is loudest and will cover up your voice. Recording with a phone sounds brutal btw, I was there once -- so I kinda know how you feel but it didn't last long. I had like a 4-track app haha. Your voice is a little pitchy, particularly at 1:16, but it's mostly fine everywhere. As I said, I like the melodies, so once corrected it'll sound even better. One suggestion I would like to make if possible, is to put some reverb on your voice. Maybe light reverb, I'm not sure. Test it out if you have the ability on your phone!

Honestly I think the technical limitation of a phone mic <I>kind</I> of does you a favour because it's charming in that Lo-fi sort of way. Lyrically it's pretty gloomy which is something I luv and it absolutely helps shape the overall tone of the track. Very relevant to millennial love and pain. There's a sort of painful nostalgia that you convey. The feeling is actually really familiar -- waiting for a text back from someone you love/"like", especially if you think they're mad at you or something (which it kind of sounds like that might be the case).

Anyway, I look forward to whatever else you decide to share in the future. Welcome to the forum!
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I like this song! Your voice is interesting, but i love it! It fits this song so well.
I like the songs overall vibe. Its nice and mellow, in such a soothing like way.
The way you deliver lines is pretty interesting. It sounds like your singing this from your heart, which i really like. It suits it so well! Even for a free beat from YouTube, you owned it, like it was yours! i like when a song is made, and the singer owns the music. So that was well done. Especially if your only using your phone. I honestly think that is hard to believe, with how good this is.

I hope to hear more from you! This song is well created, and put together. Fantastic job! :lol:
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