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Metal World 0.3.8 [by Doger Man]
Hi there! Today I present to your attention a game called Metal World! This is a game that I started doing in early January, and will do for a few more years (no matter how sad it was). The game is a hardcore platformer with different gameplay elements, such as Platforms, gravity change, climbing walls, sliding and much more.

At the moment, the game has an editor and two full-fledged world. In the editor you can make your levels, and then save them. With the addition of the editor you can help with the development of the game! How? It's simple. Make maps, save them, in later, you can contact me, and give a link to download your map, and if I like it and will be suitable for my game, I can contact you! Just come up with one level is also difficult, because sooner or later the fantasy ends, which is very sad, so please help you! And Yes, just in case. To save maps, you must create a folder called "Maps"in the game files located in the AppData folder. Yeah, you never think of it, but you have to do it. Well, how to use the editor, you can find out by reading the text document, which you will find in the game files.

The game is updated on GameJolt, so if you want to follow its updates, feel free to click follow! Also, if you want to help my game become more popular, then rate it on GameJolt 5 of 5, it will help the game to reach the top!

Also advise me what to add, what to remove from the game, as the game can get better! And if you find any bug, do not be lazy to tell me about it, as I will be grateful to you!

On this perhaps all. I will notify you about updates of this game!

<URL url="https://gamejolt.com/games/Pykan_Gorit/309744">https://gamejolt.com/games/Pykan_Gorit/309744</URL> - Game

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