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The new Contest System
Hey everyone! About 2 weeks ago this new contest system got introduced in mod's hall. This was set to begin by August the 15th, but due to all the other stuff we had to do, it's a bit late. Anyway here's how contest will be organized and will work from now on:

<SIZE size="150">Official Contests</SIZE>

- Official contests can ONLY be organized by the staff team
- Badges / points / sticky topics are possible rewards
- Winners based on direct community vote (See July contests)
- Although they can be targeted at a specific group (like music creators), they should be general enough so that everyone can participate, like forum games
- Staff are not allowed to influence the winners / play a role in deciding a winner under no circumstances

<SIZE size="150">General Contests</SIZE>

- These can be organized by everyone including: Moderators, Trials, chapters, beta testers, members
- Users with a ban in the last 30 days can't make a contest
- Users with 2 active warnings or more can't make a contest
- The hosts can decide how the winners should be decided. The hosts can name juries, staff or not, or use the community vote like official contests - their decision.
- General contests must be approved by the admins if they run for the first time. A notice 3 days ahead will suffice for the second, third, etc. runs
- Every member shall be allowed to participate

If the hosts decide to use juries, here are some things to consider:

- Even though this is a general contest, the winners must be picked fairly. If a member/participant thinks the system is rigged, he/she can vote a community vote in the plenum to call the administration for a review of the contest.
- A community vote doesn't need to offer an alternative or a solution, it just needs to address the problem. (Plenum vote)
- If the contest gets a 25% vote from members saying it is rigged, it will go to the administration for review. (If it's currently running, it may continue until the end, depending on the situation)
- If the contest gets a 50% rigged vote, it must stop immediately.

TL;DR: The admins organize the official contests - but everyone can organize a general contest, you just need an approval by the administration to do so Smile
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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