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Slyths projects (+SwDp/SwWc update 2)
So, ever sense i graduated school, my lifes been very fun and disorganized. And do to the constant having to go to Booms to help watch his bros, makes making a schedule, very difficult.
So ever sense i made the bold promise to make SwDp, and SwWc, i have been having a wickedly hard time to find time to work on it. To add on, My sudden rapid learning of how to code python and am working on a visual novel game plus my job of editing stream highlights for a twitch streamer/Youtuber, only made my life a bit more random, with no organization.

So, Heres the list of projects i was juggling without realizing it.
-Boom and I's YouTube channel
-Editing job
-Comic writting
-Story writing for boom and i's universe
-Posting on Sw at least 5 times a day. xD
The important part starts below this line Big Grin
But now! Thanks to my Boss, (The Twitch streamer) deciding that rather then me making a video every once and a while, to having a plan to make their YouTube side grow, and needing more videos, i had to sit down and actually make a schedule. Which is something very unheard of from me. But, with the new schedule, managing the ridicules amount of things i do has become actually possible, and now, the comic, and the dance party will have more time to come to life.

To share the part of my schedule that actually matters to this SW Community, here you go.

-Sunday and Monday nights I will be streaming the animating of SwDp(SuperWerer Dance party) starting at 10pm eastern US time. (Florida)
+Depending on how i feel, it may be a podcast Q&A, or just music in the back ground. Also could be hanging out in discord voice chat so anyone can join and hangout, so animating can feel a tat more fun. Also would allow Sw people to suggest dance moves. xD

-Designated days for me to work on the comic, so it can hopefully start coming out around next week. I plan on uploading the first 3 pages at one time, so their will be stuff to be read into.
Felt like i should share this news with everyone, considering its something that i am determined to do for this community, and made a promise that it will happen!
See you all around the site, and make sure to eat a healthy dose of cookies! Bwahaahah! :lol:
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