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[lo-fi] forced catharsis - esther glitchy
<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/forced-catharsis-prod">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/fo ... arsis-prod">https://soundcloud.com/estherglitchy/forced-catharsis-prod</LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

dropped a new track, hope you guys will like it! ❤
"i love myself too much to let you back in my life
god knows what's going on with my heart these days
we could've been something new for you
but i always that it was too good to be true
i'll admit it, you've been on my mind
but i need someone new , never someone like you
our friends were right, you didn't deserve me
you thought i needed you, but now i see i never did
see, it's days like this where i see
the best decisions are the hardest for myself
at least in time, we'll both forget
and it'll be like we never met
i should've left you on read
should've let you walk away long ago"

Dang, those are some intense lyrics. Nice song <EMOJI seq="1f525">:fire:</EMOJI>
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thanks!! i try my best to write good lyrics.
The highly anticipated new hot track is HERE! Bless.
I've heard this once already Esther, but when I review things I listen about 10 times more -- so I'm going to strap in and share my thoughts!

First off, such a great selection for the beat, I love it. Reminds me of a Demarco vibe, but I think it's probably closer to some other artist I don't even know. Your vocals are very clear, I didn't really have to look at the lyrics! Good job with that, I'm not sure if you're conscious of your volume & clarity or not -- but you did very well here. I want more reverb, but honestly this is fine -- your vocals <I>aren't</I> dry because of the slight reverb there is. I think a quiet delay would do really well for you too Esther, I think it would help you achieve the sound/vibe that I think you're going for. Your voice is so smooth, I feel like it's the center of a Lindt truffle because it just sounds so smooth.
Sometimes your cadence in addition to the chord progression, you remind me of a jazz singer. It's interesting. Your tone, as always, is great! There are dreamy qualities to it as well, (mostly by just the actual timbre of your voice) your choice of note length is an example.

Intro sounds good, as in the first few notes ("I love myself too much"). However, when you sing "in" it's kinda off pitch // out of key -- but when you "my life" there are a couple notes you hit that sound good and the rest sound flat to me (maybe they're actually sharp though). Whether sharp, or flat, it's really noticeable here. Unfortunately it's near the very beginning of the song, and if that was my immediate impression (if I didn't know you and stumbled upon this song somehow) I would probably click off - kind of assuming and dismissing your talents. Know that you can sing though! From here on I'm not going to mention any other pitch problems, I don't think I need to point anymore out and you get the idea. There aren't that many more though, I'd say the beginning is the most off-tune.
Esther I loooooooooove the melodies, they're clearly melancholic and they almost sound haunting at times. Right after 1:06 there are some rhythm problems, I think you're coming in early while the chords are playing. This is really the only instance where I heard this, but when you hold out the note on "never" it sounds great! Great tone and the length really adds some magic, seriously.

The lyrics are good, I completely get the perspective of whomever is singing and I feel for them as well. There seems to be some inspiring empowerment, and self-realizations. Out of the tracks I've heard, this one almost sounds like there's acceptance going on! I kinda like the reflection of your mutual friend group warning you, just because it's very real. "You thought I needed you, but now I see I never did" -- You thought you needed him too, it sounds like! This is a great line, and the rest of the following lines are great as well. I won't break them down or anything, but the insight that the singer gains is nice.

I think this might be my favourite of yours Esther! I think you have a great ear for melodies, they're always very indicative of the mood you're trying to set. Great work, and keep it up! Smile
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Thank you so much for the review! I always can rely on you to get good advice and such to see what I should work on and such. I appreciatr it so much.
Good one Wink
I enjoy every track what you create... Sounds pretty well. I just want say, very good song/track... I hope you will one from best Big Grin

So, have a nicey day Wink
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hey! thank you very much, i appreciate the kind words. hope you have a nice day as well
I am almost speechless. Thats how amazing this is. Its just... Beautifully done.
Luckily, im not completely muted by this magnificent peace.
So i will say this.
Your voice is so perfect in this piece. You did a wonderful job. I can see you getting far in the future. You have some amazing vocal talent.
Keep up the great work Glitchy. You have a voice of an angel, and i hope to see it all over the world one day. :lol:
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My heart feels so warm and pleased, thank you so much for such kind and sweet words. I appreciate it so much, your words help me keep on going on! ❤❤❤

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