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The New Community Historical Reference
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<SIZE size="150">"Conception"</SIZE>

It was on the day of May 8<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>, 2018 where our admin (Superwerer) introduced Superwerer.com. His intent was to create a community where indie creators could get their work out there. In the beginning, there was in fact a focus on game developers, but it quickly balanced out. There was much work to be done in the coming days, as the forum was in its infancy. Only five days later (May 13<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>, 2018) a member chat was introduced. It was a much more casual way to communicate, and with faster speeds than forum posts. While the population was small, it was like a new frontier -- due to the lack of rules. Luckily it wasn't problematic, and just two days later the admin (Superwerer) had created guidelines to follow, in addition to "member ranks". This rapid succession of progress gave insight into Superwerer's speedy work ethic and dedication as an admin. Member ranks were introduced in order to organize people by activity, and "<COLOR color="#00FF00">Chapter Membership</COLOR>" was a special and rare thing at this time. It was something to work towards, and a special community rite of passage. However, due to the unpredictability of a brand new forum, maintenance was required. This down time allowed Superwerer to work out some of the early kinks, as well as fortifying it for the future. Maintenance was finished on May 29<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>, after a week of downtime. A third <I>major</I> update was added on June 11<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>, 2018. This feature was the "Thanks" system, and it proved to be very fluid in its use. Little did anyone know how significant it would be in the near future. This feature allowed users to "thank" someone else's post. The first generation of badges were also around this time, with one category of them having to do with the new feature.

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<SIZE size="150">"The <I>Don</I> Of A New Era"</SIZE>

At this point in time, the Superwerer forum was just over a month old. Growth was fairly quick for a new blossoming community, and would only increase as features were added. The 15<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> of June would prove to be a very important day in the history of the website, as the introduction of the second administrator was made. Prior to this it was just Superwerer managing everything by himself -- and the community was constantly increasing. Don Jorge, the new admin, instantly became an essential part of the website. Things were looking up for Superwerer.com. A very relevant milestone was soon hit after Don's addition. On June 20<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> a person had registered to the forum, and they were the 100<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> to do that. It was equivalent to a company making their first dollar, and the community was on its way up. Two days later, the aforementioned 100<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> user (and all the others of course) got two <I>new</I> features, released June 22<SUP>[sup]nd[/sup]</SUP>. Firstly, a 'mention' feature allowed users to directly tag other specific users in their post. Second, there was a point system. This point system was created as an incentive, and to form a sort of economy. Points were garnered from users logging in, posting, among other things. Excitement from all the rapid improvements sparked user activity. June 23<SUP>[sup]rd[/sup]</SUP> broke a record for the amount of users logged in at the same time, it was nearly half the members! It was exactly 44 out of the 100 members at the time. SuperWerer wasn't simply <I>just</I> a platform for indie creators to promote their work, as community events such as contests were to exist as well. The first ever contest began on the 1<SUP>[sup]st[/sup]</SUP> of July, and that contest was geared towards indie game creation. Only one day later, SuperWerer was up another 100 members for a total of 200. Consistency would prevail, as growth quickly continued. Soon there would be incentive for <I>the members</I> to go and invite other people, as the admins presented a referral system on the 8<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>. This would allow new users to say who invited them, and the member listed would gain a commission of points. On this same day, "Trial Moderators" were introduced. This of course would allow the administrators to more focused on bigger updates rather than basic forum patrol, and it would be needed very soon. In just under a week from the previous member milestone, the count was officially 300 by July 10<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>. The ambitions of the admins would become evident as two new updates were added on July<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>. Firstly there was a "Happy Hour", which was to encourage more activity from the users -- the reward being extra points for them during said hour. More importantly, the Community Label was also introduced on this day. Now there was a Superwerer Youtube channel which aimed to accept the original tracks of various musicians on the website in order to promote it. This was absolutely one of the most important new features to date.

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<SIZE size="150">"New Faces"</SIZE>

On the historic day of July 14<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP>, SuperWerer.com got it' third ever staff member -- and its first ever <COLOR color="#004000">(trial) mod:</COLOR> <MENTION>[mention]Jonathaj[/mention]</MENTION>. This would set a foundation as well as a standard for future staff members. Shortly thereafter, July 17<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> the third ever contest was announced. The first of its kind, the contest was for Indie soundtracks. This would prove to be the most popular event on the website to date, as it had a massive turnout by the end of its run. With popularity came a new influx of users and a rush of activity. On July 19<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> the community then held 400 users! Nearing the end of the month, the contest was still gaining a lot of traction -- and by July 26<SUP>[sup]th[/sup]</SUP> SuperWerer.com finally hit the major mark of 500 registered members. As the community grew, there was a greater need for more staff members. Around this time there were now several new additions to the staff, to handle various dispersed tasks for the betterment of the forum and community -- creating more allotted time by the admins for forum functions and features. With all the new features soon-to-come, it was decided that a "<COLOR color="#FF8000">Beta Tester</COLOR>" rank would be helpful. A user would either have to be a part of staff to have this rank, or purchase it in the store for 3,000 points. This new <COLOR color="#FF8000">Beta Tester</COLOR> rank went live on the 31<SUP>[sup]st[/sup]</SUP> of July.

<COLOR color="#FF0000">And the story would continue, and the website would continue to thrive. There will be semi-regular updates to this post to capture the history of SuperWerer.</COLOR>
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-<FONT font="French Script MT">Gravaged</FONT>
<FONT font="French Script MT"> SuperWerer Historian</FONT>
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