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[HTML5] Aliens VS Robotman - Strategy management
Im a junior developer and this is my second game ever. Would love some feedback Smile

desc: Take control of your own Ludus in this alternate reality. Train aliens and send them to the arena to fight for their lives.

<URL url="https://imgur.com/4ldLKD8">https://imgur.com/4ldLKD8</URL>

Kongregate: <URL url="https://kongregate.com/games/nomis0042/aliens-versus-robotman"><LINK_TEXT text="https://kongregate.com/games/nomis0042/ ... s-robotman">https://kongregate.com/games/nomis0042/aliens-versus-robotman</LINK_TEXT></URL>
I can't play it since I'm on my phone but the screenshot looks reeeaaally good, espacially for your first game <EMOJI seq="1f633">?</EMOJI><EMOJI seq="1f60d">?</EMOJI> how long did it take to make it?
Seem like the life I need's a little distant
Thanks! Its my second game tho Big Grin

Been on and off it. But I guess 3 months of actively working on it

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