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What do you guys do on your free time?
Heya guys!
This post was originally gonna be saved for a weekly thread but I kinda thought that wouldn’t be a really good idea and therefore is just a regular post now.
But anyways, just literally answer me what you guys do on your free time, anywhere anytime whenever you’re free.

For me, at school when I’m free I just sleep for like 15 minutes until my friends screams at my ears to wake me up or the teacher comes to smash my head with his book to wake me up.
At home, I just goto my tablet watch YouTube or I goto my PC and play some games there. And I also sometimes make music too.
And if it’s the weekends and I have nothing to do I just woosh away into the Arcades 20 minutes away from my house to come back home 2 - 3 hours later.

So that’s my private information and I need yours ()
Just a friendly, peaceful topic today.
And so this has been Argon’s daily posting rule for mods feeding time (?)

See you guys soon )/
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|    づ
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Sleep, make music, watch youtube, play borderlands.
Check out my music or suffer the wrath of gru -> <URL url="https://www.youtube.com/c/VanillaTaurus">https://www.youtube.com/c/VanillaTaurus</URL>
Well, i normally consider everything i do freetimee, considering im not in school, and i mostly work for myself, so i do what i love.
So my free time consist of lots of editing, recording vids, drawling, sometimes think about making music, but don't actually make it. Planning future visual novels when i get an idea on how to code something cool.

And then eating snacks while watching anime whenever possible. :lol:
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Let my dog lick all the salt off my fingers :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
A myriad of things ranging from Writing to YouTube and just loafing around like the bread I am
<QUOTE author="CreeperX3sssBOOM" post_id="13140" time="1542214644" user_id="1473">
CreeperX3sssBOOM post_id=13140 time=1542214644 user_id=1473 Wrote:A myriad of things ranging from Writing to YouTube and just loafing around like the bread I am

I like bread :mrgreen:
AAAlrighty then

- Draw
- Sleep
- Watch TV
- Play Some XBOX or Switch or whatever system we have
- Make music
- Hate the music and start over
- Post music and still have no views
- Be disappointed (But just a little)
- Sleep
- Still sleep
-AAAAND come on SuperWerer

Thats what I do
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- The Right Jelly -
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<URL url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gyzZwa4XzgHba6ONKtsDQ">YouTube</URL>
_go on SuperWerer
_go on Discord
_make musics
_go on YouTube
_playing GD
_wrtting (poesy or stories)
_eating candys
"Music, histories and draws are like a Dragon. They exists if someone imagine and create them."

Dragons exist in our imaginations and exists for all when the people who had this dragon on his head show it to all. For arts, this is the same thing.
stay free
Thinking about doing something.
What I usually do in college:
- Hang out with friends
- Buy something to eat in the cafeteria
What I sometimes do in college:
- Sleep
- Sit on the grass
- Go to the other university that is right in front of ours
What I usually do at home:
- Watch YouTube videos
What I sometimes do at home:
- Play GD
-Watch Football matches (no football now so I switched to movies & cartoons, and also no college so I switched to online classes, like duh.)
-Make music

That's pretty much it for me.
For me it's that I play GD or anything that can kill time really.

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