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City Sky - Natalie Merdame (Lyric Video)
Hi Natalie. First thing that sticks out to me is the chord progression, which has been beaten to death. I can't knock you for that too much because that's kind of a pop staple. I also think your voice sounds very detached from the music in some parts, Idk if it's mic quality or mixing or what. Also, I am surprised that I actually can't understand the chorus very well. "And we like _________" ?

The beat itself is pretty good, percussively. Again rather basic but nice. This feels kind of minimalistic and I like that too, and I like whatever synth is playing the chords. This track is not something that I really like, but it's just the style that isn't my cup of tea. There are definitely redeemable qualities, and I don't think it's objectively bad or anything either. I'm gonna try and review some of your other 30+ works that you have posted all at once..
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As someone who doesn't like pop usually, I actually liked this song. I think the best way to judge music is if the person who made it accomplished what they were trying to accomplish, and I feel like you hit the vibe you were going for. Didn't feel overproduced either, which is good because in my book imperfection is a requirement for perfection and passion.

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