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Best Friends - Natalie Merdame (Lyric Video)
I'm fascinated with how much trap has influenced non-rap musicians. I know you dabble in it, but this clearly isn't rap -- but the trap has bled its influence into this. Pretty standard trap beat, I always like when the snare pitches down, nice effect. I totally love whatever horn sample I hear as the main melodic part. Where is it from? Great great sound instrumentally, the trap drums with the horn.
In the chorus, I hear there's more going on but I can't really distinguish it. I hear maybe a vocal sample in the back and then some sort of instrumentation. I imagine you're not going to go back and change anything on any of these songs that are long gone completed -- and that's okay. But if you were to be open to advice or opinions regarding actual change, I think you should find a way to make the chorus pop a bit more. That's most important in pop, the chorus.

You double track your vocals, have you experimented with mixing in stereo? You should pan one vocal track to the left and the other to the right! It sounds good and maybe it will sonically clear up the chorus anyway.

So, lyrically I was expecting something sugary sweet about loving your best friend or something. Instead, it's a pretty cynical message with a tinge of empowerment. Yeah your friend will betray you, but pick yourself back up and be better.
I dig it.
The vocals are fine like tone / pitch wise, but for some reason it kind of sounds detached from the music. I'm not sure why that is. Do you put reverb on them? Maybe it's the volume, I'm not sure.
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