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Wendy and Lindel
Just working on a new idea in my head that just might work.

The sweet ditsy blonde girl named Wendy the next door neighbor and Meets the rough n' tumble goth girl named Lindel who move away from the city and lives in a home in the new town together they do have some adventures no matter how different those girls really are.

<URL url="https://orig00.deviantart.net/6d06/f/2018/260/9/5/lindel_meets_wendy_by_akb_drawsstuff-dcn2g9v.jpg">[url]<LINK_TEXT text="https://orig00.deviantart.net/6d06/f/20 ... cn2g9v.jpg">https://orig00.deviantart.net/6d06/f/2018/260/9/5/lindel_meets_wendy_by_akb_drawsstuff-dcn2g9v.jpg</LINK_TEXT>[/url]</URL>

Ok, so i like the idea you got going on. It defiantly is a good set up for a plot. I like you also portrayed it in this picture. The adding of the sun and the moon is very clever, and helps emphasizes on these twos personalities. The outfits these two where are very adorable, and i personally would love to cosplay as the edgy one xD
I like your use of the vibrant colors in this piece as well. it adds a very lovable cartoony vibe to the pic.

Overall, fantastic job, i love it! Keep up the amazing work! Id love to here more about this concept of yours, as it has gotten me very intrigued! :lol:
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Thank you very much.

I was nervous when someone doesn't a reply it. Big Grin
This is super cute! Why do they live together though? You did a great job with this! I agree about the sun and moon being a nice touch, I also like that Lindel is SO goth that's she's literally just black and white. The eyes and some other statistics of this make me think of Rob Renzetti's "My Life As A Teenage Robot". I'll check out whatever you release. Smile
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Thank you, I actually wanted to make a webcomic series of these two and their adventures together.

But the only problem is that I can't make the story of my own I made the plot and all but I need more stories than that.

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