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Superwerer Anthem Ultracollab!
Hey all! Burne Here. I'm here to explain the idea that I've been toying with about a possible community ultracollab for the "Superwerer Anthem".

The idea here would be that someone starts on a project, and we share it round, for every user who wants to participate to add to.
The limitations here would be very strict however so I'll list them here:
- FL Studio Users only as otherwise it would be very difficult to work this project, sorry :/
- We would need to stick to the key set by the first user unless the song has a massive change, such as it going from say, D# Minor, having a large sort of break, maybe some sort of percussive break or an ambient thing and then moving into A Major.
- BPM Would be allowed to be switched but this would be STRICTLY through automation for said part.
- If you participate you MUST be able to keep the FLP organised and easy-to-work on (name things that are yours)
- I will be doing the final mixing and mastering.

well those are the only real strict rules that would apply to this.

If anyone would be interested in doing this, or would even want to start it, don't hesitate in contacting me, or a mod, or Super himself.

I'd love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments!

- Burne Smile
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I might be interested <EMOJI seq="1f35e">:bread:</EMOJI>
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I think this would be a good idea sort of like a pass the mic but sad to say I don't have the software and others didn't jump at it. Wish there was a way to boost the post or something to get attention (new to threads)
I would like to join in. The idea seems pretty cool.

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