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What's cooking?
Okay, so I love to cook, it's one of my favorite hobbies aside from music, actually.
But I do have one major problem: I don't know what to cook next, and the hardest decision I make each day is to figure out what's for dinner, because there are literally one hundred thousand options.

So, in this thread I would like for you to share what you ate for dinner today, tomorrow, five days ago, <I>whenever</I>. Feel free to post multiple times, feel free to discuss the culinary choices of your peers.

<I><SIZE size="150">Welcome to the meal-thread, and answer me this: <U>What's cooking?</U></SIZE></I>
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John Chord never forgets.

Um... well, for dinner I just eat fruits and buns with some ham and cheese.
But fruits are a very nice idea to create some impressive meal, maybe with some chocolate dressing :mrgreen:
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I'm making pizza right now. But nrmally, my go to food to cook is some kind of pasta, or some kind of weird idea for a food. Like, just invent something when you see whats in the kitchen.
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