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Dev Log #7 - Hello WererVerse
Hey all!

It's been a looooong time since my last dev log and I was in Scotland in the past few days, but now I am back so here are some news!

As a first thing, we are currently working on setting up the October soundtrack contests and who will host them and how it's going to work out, be fun and how the rewards will look like. There is a long list with things to do in the following 2 weeks of school break, so expect some updates.

Now today, I'd like to talk a bit about a project I've announced a while ago but never got into really putting a lot of time into making it. I am referring to WererVerse, an online sandbox community game for the members of the forums. So what's up with the delay, how does the project's progress look like and when can you expect a beta version of it?

The reason why I didn't really invest much time into it is because the forums and all the SW platforms had a certain priority with constant updates needed to work on and exams in school, things got busy. Now that that's out of the way I have some time to further work on this. Last October/November I developed my first HTML5 game after moving to HTML5 from Flash that I've been using to make games for years. Now that I feel more comfortable using it, I thought a game like WererVerse could help me get some more experience in the back-end of programming as this is about to be my first multi-player project. The great challenge however is for me not only to figure out a good way to code the back-end client-server communications, but also how to make sure that the forums won't experience any problems, as the forum accounts will be synced with WV accounts. So when you are a guest on the forums, you play WV as a guest. If you have an account on the forums, you play with your account's username.

Changes to your profile on the forums must be updated on the game live, like bans, username changes, avatars, etc. The fact that I didn't program the back-end of the forums, but use phpBB makes it a lot more difficult since I didn't program the code myself. There are currently also plans to migrate over to vB as the forum software which will surely break a lot of stuff on WV and that will be a lot of work to fix it all again. The shared data between forums and game makes it overall more difficult and harder to maintain. External applications to safely transfer and alter data saved on the database are being carried out and I hope this will all work out - and that the migration to another forum software will not be too much work.

Furthermore, it requires some front-end graphics, along with the actual gameplay - which is pretty simple. I consider this to be the easy part, which will still take some time to make the graphics, but I was so focused on the back-end that I didn't get around the fancy stuff yet.

About the release date, I can't say too much on this, as the tests in the back-end will show how effective the current plans are and if it's reliable for a bigger number of active users. Of course a lot of this will be tested out in the closed beta (our beta testers & staff will have access) of the game and that will be the first version of the game. This will be a very basic version of it, getting updated with all the basic features. This shouldn't take too long to make and I would like to have this up in a few weeks, but again I don't know if that will work out. As for the open beta, available to all users of the forums, that will take longer than a few weeks.

So those are some thoughts and the current progress of WererVerse, I hope I'll have enough time in the following 2 weeks to work on this project!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !
I'm hyped for WererVerse! :mrgreen: Just don't burn yourself out, it's going to be a long project.
I need pancakes...
can wait for SuperVerse, will it have battleroayle mode? otherwise i aint playin

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