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Introducing: Deputy
Hey there everyone!

Today we say goodbye to the Trial Moderator one and we welcome a new rank that will take its place, the Deputy. The deputy rank is a staff member offer for chapter members and beta testers with limited scope and time.

<SIZE size="150">Requirements</SIZE>

The requirements to qualify and be eligible to become a deputy are to have a clear ban history in the past 30 days and be a Chapter Member, which a member can get by having 0.5% of the total forum posts (which as of now is equal to 29 posts) or be a Beta Tester. Upon fulfilling the requirements one can apply to become a Deputy by contacting an administrator.

<SIZE size="150">Terms</SIZE>

Once being accepted to join, a member begins its "first term" as a deputy. A term always lasts for 2 weeks. For the beginning of each term the process of joining stays the same: There is a publicly available "expert field list". When a member applies, they need to select the expert field that they want to work on during their time as deputy. A different expert field can be selected for each term, or one can always have the same. Expert fields are limited.

<SIZE size="150">Role as staff member</SIZE>

The deputy works on one specific expert field, but they all have one in common: They all have partial moderator permissions on Discord and Forums. They have access to the Discord staff chat and access to the mod's hall on the forums. However the key differences here are that they can not create Drafts and can only vote on decisions concerning their expert field. For example a deputy with the wiki as expert field can not vote on a staff matter concerning the forums.

Deputies are all able to moderate using the limited mod tools they have. Deputies can attend staff meetings, but they do not have to.

Also deputies are not falling under the neutrality rule, meaning they can get picked to judge contests or vote in community events.

<SIZE size="150">Expansion & Promotion</SIZE>

The deputy term lasts for 2 weeks. Before the second week ends deputies are presented with the results of their contributions. If they are satisfying they will be able to choose one of these options:

Expansion: They begin another term (again 2 weeks)
Promotion: They apply to become a full moderator (they must have at least 2 terms as a deputy to be accepted as a moderator)

Or of course retiring and getting back to Chapter/Beta Tester.

Theoretically one can always choose the expansion and just work with terms whenever they have time or just feel like helping out. In case the results of the contributions were not satisfying in order to maintain a good amount of users having access to mod's hall, they will have the opportunity to do another term (an expansion) and perform good in that one. Two not satisfying terms in a row and they will be disqualified from doing it again for a month.
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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