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[Funk / Future Funk] Just some try....
Just some Funk...
Idk, I was tired, and managed how I can have much time for this Forum. I don't know if I can possibly make it, but I'll try ;)

this isn't topic for this post. I just tried some future funk, and here it is... (only on youtube)

<YOUTUBE id="8EDh1wouMUU" url="https://youtu.be/8EDh1wouMUU"><URL url="https://youtu.be/8EDh1wouMUU">https://youtu.be/8EDh1wouMUU</URL></YOUTUBE>

...be honest. I'm very interested...

Love and Peace yo!
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<IMG src="https://i.ibb.co/DLyNXhs/IMG-20190110-224212.jpg">[img]<URL url="https://i.ibb.co/DLyNXhs/IMG-20190110-224212.jpg">https://i.ibb.co/DLyNXhs/IMG-20190110-224212.jpg</URL>[/img]</IMG>
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