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Sup, i'm a techno music composer
Hello Everyone, I'm Adam Whiskin. i want to be a professional composer but I'm not getting any interest Sad

Please check out my newgrounds and listen to at least one song.
My music tends to be orchestra/hybrid/techno.

Here is my newgrounds: <URL url="https://boshydude.newgrounds.com/">https://boshydude.newgrounds.com/</URL>

Thanks Big Grin
sounds nice, very talented, with modern VSTs it will sounds very great .like in cinema.
Thank you Smile
Welcome. I checked out your song "Poppy Field" earlier and was genuinely impressed. Can't wait to hear what else you put out!
Check out my music or suffer the wrath of gru -> <URL url="https://www.youtube.com/c/VanillaTaurus">https://www.youtube.com/c/VanillaTaurus</URL>
A bit late, but welcome anyway Big Grin
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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