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New Lofi EP!
Hi there! After a decent amount of work, I've finally released the full version of my Lofi EP titled "Send Nudes EP". I know, at first, the name seems odd for an EP name, or for any music; however, it's got a backstory. I have a friend who has moments of what we call "autopilot" where he will isolate himself from everyone and just listen to Lofi. I started getting into production of this genre and released 'Conversations With Myself', my first piece in the 3-part EP. After showing it to him, he put it on his playlist that he keeps on repeat during these autopilot phases. For the longest time, our favorite shared meme was Send Nudes. We would arrange anything we had to make out the letters, whether it be shoes, playing cards, etc. and with that being a very memorable part of our friendship, I named the EP after him prior to the release of the last 2 songs in it. I hope you enjoy!

<URL url="https://soundcloud.com/therealinfinityflame/sets/send-nudes-ep"><LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/therealinfinityf ... d-nudes-ep">https://soundcloud.com/therealinfinityflame/sets/send-nudes-ep</LINK_TEXT></URL>

-I also produce beats and a slight bit of EDM/Trance, which is located on my profile on soundcloud: <URL url="https://soundcloud.com/therealinfinityflame">https://soundcloud.com/therealinfinityflame</URL>

Thanks for looking!
Nice this is really good

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