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[Music Portal] Monetization & Payments
Hey all!

Earlier today I announced the new Music Portal that we are working on and its release within the next few weeks. A further point I would like to elaborate on is monetization of the music on there, so basically our plan to make sure that every indie can make money out of his/her music regardless of how big they are and how payments will be carried out. So let us begin!

<SIZE size="130">How exactly are tracks monetized/How do I get money out of my work?</SIZE>

The music portal consists of submissions of artists that are embedded from YouTube. Many platforms (including YouTube) offer ads to put inside the videos. Unfortunately, this requires you to have 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours in the last year, which is quite hard. The Music Portal displays ads on the page of your embedded video. So we don't monetize your track - but the page that your track is displayed on. The ads on the watch page will not be click based to make sure nobody tries to cheat the system - instead we will do our best to only offer CPM ads - ads that pay depending on the views. Using bots, clicking on ads to increase revenue are not allowed and will be met with a major offense ban and special restrictions to your account as a whole.

As of now, we are sure that YouTube videos will be allowed to be submitted - I am also very positive that this will work with Soundcloud links too, but I can't promise that for the first version of the portal. If you don't have your music on a supported site and you are instead, let's say a Newgrounds user - you can submit your work to us through the Community Label and we will get them on YouTube and on the Music Portal for you. Read more on joining the Community Label here: <URL url="https://superwerer.com/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=791"><LINK_TEXT text="viewtopic.php?f=75&t=791">https://superwerer.com/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=791</LINK_TEXT></URL>

Also note that you get 100% of the revenue generated on your pages, minus the transaction costs.

<SIZE size="130">When will I get paid?</SIZE>

This is a very difficult question to answer for the beginning of the project. We do not know how much revenue we will be generating as a whole and most ad networks only pay upon reaching a certain threshold. Also most of the time there is a one month verification period, so you end up getting your earnings for February in the end of March - as an example. Once we have reached that threshold - and during that process - we will let the individual artists know their current balance, how much their pages have generated.

To qualify for a payment, you will need to reach our own threshold, which is right now set to be as low as 2 euros. Upon having generated that threshold and we have been paid by the ad network we will proceed to the payment.

<SIZE size="130">How will I get paid?</SIZE>

Right now there is one option - Paypal. In case you do not have a Paypal, I can provide with a guide on how to create one and link it with your bank account, it is fairly easy. Future payment options may be added in the future, but the threshold may be higher to get paid on those.

Questions? Post below!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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