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Flash game preservation
Hi guys! I know lots of people on here are programmers and might have some knowledge on this. I'm a big user of Newgrounds and I love finding dumb flash games from like 2009 but because most browsers are getting rid of flash even google chrome in coming years. I wanna find a way to preserve weird things I find to always play. this also doesn't apply to just games, many older movies on Newgrounds used things like programmed start and replay buttons on movies. if any of you had some deets on how I could download this stuff and download some sort of flash player application and or way to convert it to something not utilizing flash or something else. I don't know if any of this is possible or if I'll be stuck dealing with losing alot of things when chrome takes it away. (I mostly use firefox which already got rid of flash support and have to switch to chrome just to do flash related things. Thanks.:mrgreen:
Because of the many issues that the Flash player has, browsers are disabling it <I>by default</I>. The flash player can still be downloaded from Adobe's page and used.

Even when Adobe ends support for Flash player in 2020 and it has officially died, you will still be able to use things like the Adobe Flash Projector. If you want to play the games without a browser (something you can do today as well), you can just download the .swf files and play them with the Projector without any need for a browser support.
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