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Announcing: The Werer 2.0 Update!
Hey everyone!

As I already mentioned <MENTION>[mention]DonJorge[/mention]</MENTION> and me were working on something new, something big, that we are now very happy to finally be able to announce the update!

The Werer 2.0 is the biggest update on this forum, since its creation about 7 months ago, but will go way beyond these boards. It shall help us reach our goals, to expand our Community Label, get the newest forum features available to enhance the user experience and provide new ways for independents to work and publish their work!

Some of the most important changes are:


- New forums layout
- Update the profiles (Better functionality, fix broken images, fix reloading problems)
- New badges
- New shop items
- Events overview (Fixed weekly/monthly event dates/ Follow-Up)
- Quick reply for topics
- Update the donation page (+ progress bars)
- Finalization of the Music Portal (+ enabled advertisements)
- Art Gallery (Follow-Up)

Community Label:

- New artist mixes: Mixes of multiple tracks of individual artists (Requirements: 500 views / min. 4 tracks)
- New artist playlists: Playlists of individual artists' tracks (Requirements: 1000 views / min. 3 tracks)
- Live Community Label Radio (Follow-Up)

Game Portal & Publishing:

- Revival of the game portal project: Game developers can submit their tracks for us to publish them on SuperWerer. (+ Advertisements / Sub-forums for Game ideas, feedback, discussion, etc.)
- Option to have us publish your projects on other platforms (Similar to music and our Community Label - but for game developers)

Follow-Ups: These will not be released on the update day, which is going to be Monday 24.12 00:00 GMT+2. From 24th of December to the 1st of January there will be a points event going on, in which the daily login points will be 100 instead of the normal 15, so make sure to drop by! The forums will be down during the implementation of the update over the weekend.

This updates comes with a lot of other stuff and plans to help us grow, each indie individually, but as a community as a whole. Upon the release of this update, we will create a new public road-map for further plans and what is coming up next! Hope to see you all on update day!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !
Can't wait for 2.0!
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