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Ranks & Benefits
Hey all! Now ranks have been here for a long time - since the beginning of the forums, but there's not really a list on the benefits of the different ranks, so here we go!

The following ranks apply to all platforms, forums plus our Discord:

Member Ranks

Guest (White-names on Discord)

- Can browse the forums
- Can use the Discord

Member (Blue name)

- Can post, thank, create topics, access to all basic forum features
- Can apply to join the Community Label
- Can customize profile
- Can send Private Messages

Chapter Member (Green name)

- Can apply to join the staff team
- Can buy the Beta Tester rank for 3000 points

Beta Tester (Orange name)

- Access to Beta Tester's sub-forum

Staff Ranks

Trial Moderator (Dark Green name)

- Access to mod's sub-forum and staff-chat on Discord
- Can lock topics, warn users

Moderator (Dark Blue name)

- Full access to mod features, including banning
- Can apply to become Lead Moderator

Lead Moderator (Dark Blue name)

- Can recommend members as staff, decides with the administration on staff issues
- Can de-mod other moderators

Administrator  (Purple name)

- Manages staff team and names lead moderator
- All administrator features

Questions? Post below!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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