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Quirk by Weirdfisher
Nice music , with a blend of Latin and beat and piano. I wanted to experiment with different instruments to see how they blended together. Reminds me of The Sims 2. You can this music for free but please give me credit you can use this is Youtube videos , movies , video games , etc.

A few sound effects used are:
Piano , Chime ,Bass ,Snare ,Drums
You can listen to it from below

Hope you like listening. Don't be afraid to give reviews. I don't mind negative reviews. Just make sure you give one!! Smile

PS: FYI I also remake Video game soundtrack in Minecraft noteblocks , just so you can support me , head out to my Youtube channel (links below) and check our my Sims4 and Sims3 theme noteblock recreation! I'll greatly appreciate it.
<URL url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujkvR0FCfk">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujkvR0FCfk</URL>
Amazing track, a lot of great melodies in there, as well as a steady flow and drive.
One little note I have is that the intro is missing a clear bass-line, at least when I listen, it feels like there should be something to fill out the lower frequencies.
The track finds its footing well after the intro though, and for the rest of the track I think the distributions of different instruments/frequencies works out very well.

Those are my five cents, but overall I really liked it.
You should create a soundcloud page, btw, because that way, the listener can rewind the track, comment on specific points of it, and of course: follow you to listen to your next track Smile
[Image: GFBF9Xv.png]

John Chord never forgets.


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