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The new dev log!
Hey there everyone!

I am very, very happy today to introduce you to our new dev log sub-forum and this thread as the very first of the new dev log! This sub-forum will serve as a home to all the dev-logs coming up, which I hope will be more frequent than what they used to be in the past. These dev logs will consist of updates and news on the community label, forums, discord, etc.

As a first thing, what we are currently doing, what is going on, what is coming up? The past few weeks have been a bit more silent on updates and such, since the release of 2.1. As already mentioned until Don's and my finals are over in Mid-March, there will be no big update - but there will be another one after that.

On the same time we've been a bit patient. We have been waiting for more Community Label submissions to arrive and start building our two new genre-based mixes: I) Future Bass and II) Lo-Fi. Once they are up, we will start live-streaming more on Youtube!

On other news, I updated the community records thread over here: <URL url="https://superwerer.com/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=3036"><LINK_TEXT text="viewtopic.php?f=74&t=3036">https://superwerer.com/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=3036</LINK_TEXT></URL>.

Congratulations to <MENTION>[mention]Aquanitic[/mention]</MENTION> , <MENTION>[mention]Thomaisho[/mention]</MENTION> , <MENTION>[mention]Jonathaj[/mention]</MENTION> and <MENTION>[mention]mm2x2[/mention]</MENTION> for their new records!

Especially Aquanitic had been really active on SW Live, having some really neat streams on there and helping in some great progress! Way to go!

MM2x2's activity on Discord has been extraordinary, leading the exp leaderboard by a large margin: <URL url="https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/444823344886579220">https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/444823344886579220</URL>

To sum everything up: New genre-based Community Label playlists will be up soon, new big update after mid-March finals are over. Some small updates here and there may take place within the week, I will be keeping you up to date with these new dev logs Smile
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !
Chill and Lo-Fi are practically the same, right?
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here me links Big Grin
<URL url="https://therealsub001.newgrounds.com/">https://therealsub001.newgrounds.com/</URL>
<URL url="https://soundcloud.com/therealsub001">https://soundcloud.com/therealsub001</URL>
<URL url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1v6N5llH_ileyQDdkhxndg"><LINK_TEXT text="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1v6N5 ... yQDdkhxndg">https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1v6N5llH_ileyQDdkhxndg</LINK_TEXT></URL>

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