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Hey there everybody
Hi everyone! 
I'm new here! My name in Newgrounds is latalberize (https://latalberize.newgrounds.com/).I was promoted here by SuperWerer about my latest music. I live at the hilippines! So sorry about my bad grammar Big Grin. My birthday is on Apr. 28 and i'm 15 now. So i will be 16 on my next birthday. I'm highschool student from a school at the Manggahan, Quezon City. I'm also a gamer on mobile games like Mobile Legends and Pubg!! I playing also in computer but sometimes i can't play because of lag (low end pc Tongue).

My music career started when i was playing geometry dash. This game gives me curiosity about music production so i watched some youtube videos about that. Year by year, my skills improved. But it's too hard to make music because i'm so busy at school and i can't play piano. I'm using a cracked version of Fl Studio. All of my creations are so dumb and ugly. But i can't recover these things because the hard drive malfunctioned due to oldness. So now i'm using a demo version that makes me so crazy. I can't create a good whole song because i can't save it and i'm not a person that can endure many hours looking at the screen. So it limits me to create music. Addition to that, we are not rich like anyone. 

Btw you can check my 1st music, Final Fight (https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/854495?updated=1553403545). This whole song created in one whole pattern. This music is accidentally created because of the drums i used. Feel free to listen my music and comment your thoughts.

 That's for all Big Grin  I was promoted here by SuperWerer about my latest music

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