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Best way to promote an album?
Hey all,

I've got an EP coming out soon (small album) which I'm really excited to release, but I'm not entirely sure how to get it out there, and more so without looking like I'm shoving it in people's faces, because I've been told that I do this a lot (albeit unintentionally). I've seen that people really like my stuff and this could be a decent breakthrough, but not if people don't hear about it. Do you guys reckon you can help guide me on the best ways to push out something 'big' like this, without looking like an attention seeker?

If you want to cast a shadow, you shouldn't stand in somebody else's.
What I usually do is promote stuff on reddit. There's easily 20+ subreddits you can get at least a few clicks on from each and it adds up pretty fast. One time got me 100 views in one night. If you need any recommendations for some hmu.
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