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You can now submit albums/EPs to the Community Label!
Hey there everyone!

Today I have some nice news to share with you - Submitting albums/EPs to the Community Label is now possible!

...Now, you will say "..., but wasn't it possible before too?" - To which I say yes, but now the process is much simpler.

In the past you had to submit every single track one at a time sending a permission mail or using this form: https://superwerer.com/form.php?formid=1

Not anymore! We've now added a form that lets you submit your albums/EPs - here it is: https://superwerer.com/form.php?formid=3
This form can also be used if you want to submit multiple tracks at once, even if they're not an album or EP. (To make this clear, just put "Not an album" in the "Album Name" field).

Now, as far as judging will go, for now we will do it like this: You can submit all the tracks you want and we will judge each one of them and those who don't pass the quality control will just be left out. This might lead to an album or EP being incomplete. Re-submitting a denied track is possible later on after you're done with the necessary changes.

Hope to see some album/EP submissions soon!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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