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The grand SW glossary
Hey everyone! This thread shall serve as an overview of words or phrases used in the Community to help newcomers or those who are just wondering what x or y means. Contributions posted below are welcome!


Community Label (or CL) - The Community Label is our indie music distribution project.

Portal - The Portal is the hosting place for games submitted to us by our community's game developers.

SW Live - Our community's Twitch channel. Users can choose to broadcast to it, receiving point rewards in return.

Economy (Points, SWP) - Each member in the forum can get points, through varies activities. Points can be spent in the points shop to buy items, a sub-forum under Blogs or a private Discord channel.

Treasury - A sub-forum inside admin's hall. It keeps track of the revenue of game developers, Twitch streamers and donations made towards the community.

Beta Tester's hall - A sub-forum only available to Beta Testers and staff members. This is the place where bugs can be reported.

Mod's hall - A sub-forum available only to moderators and administrators. This is where Drafts are created and moderators discuss suspensions, bans, etc.

Admin's hall - A sub-forum available only to administrators. The Treasury can be found within, along with discussions on administrative matters, like website maintenance and discussions on modding/de-modding. A record of all Community Label and Portal submissions can be found within.

Suspension - A suspension may be given by a moderator to a member who has provided potential evidence of wanting to cause harm to one or more community projects. The consequences are similar to those of a ban.

Warning - A warning may be given by a moderator to a member that has broken a minor rules. 3 warnings results in a 2-4 weeks ban.

Ban - A ban may be given by a moderator to a member that has broken a rule. 3 warnings also result in a ban.

Promotion (Promotional sub-forums) - There are 4 sub-forums that can be used to "promote"/share own projects, including: Game Devlogs & releases, Soundtrack Releases, Art releases and Text, Lyrics & Poetry releases. 

Badges - Badges can be gained by forum members and can be seen on their profiles and in the mini profile in their posts. A full list of the available badges can be found here: https://superwerer.com/awards.php

Indies - Short for "Independents".

Devs - Short for "Developers".

Plenum - A sub-forum that every member can participate in discussions regarding the community and its projects. Votes following the "Yes"/"No"/"I have no opinion on the matter" format have binding effects for the administration if the total amount of users who voted can be considered representative enough.

Primary usergroup (Rank) - The rank of a user or primary usergroup defines the user's permissions on the forum or privileges in certain projects.

Secondary usergroup - Unlike primary usergroups, these do not have any effect in a user's rank privileges, as they do not define the user's permissions on the forum. Secondary usergroups are basically "lists" of users to make some administrative processes easier.


MEE6 (MEE6 Levels, Discord Leaderboard, EXP) - MEE6 is a bot in our Discord servers that gives points for to each member for each message (once per minute). A leaderboard of all the users in the server can be found here: https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/444823344886579220

Staff-chat - A discord channel available to staff members to discuss staff matters.

General - The main conversation channel on our Discord server.


Parliament - A voice channel on our Discord server. It serves as the meeting place of our community's members of parliament holy chamber, where new rules, guidelines and ideas are discussed and voted on.

Member of Parliament - Members who are participating in Parliament (see above). All staff members are automatically members of parliament. Non-staff members can apply to become members of parliament.

Expert Hearing - Sometimes a non-member of parliament may be invited to a parliamentary sitting to provide information or help us on one specific topics.

Draft - A documented idea or policy to be discussed and voted on in Parliament. Drafts rest in mod's hall.

Amendment - Prior to a vote on a Draft (see above), every member of parliament (except the draft's author) can raise up to one amendment. An amendment focuses on changing one or multiple parts of a Draft. Amendments are voted on before the vote on the Draft and if successful - they will affect the final Draft, if it passes.

Speaker - A member of parliament who decides on the time allocated to discuss each individual topic and guide parliament through the sittings, opens, terminates or suspends sittings.

Vote - Each member of parliament has one vote and all have equal voting power. Before a Vote on a Draft, every member of parliament except the draft's author can raise up to one amendment (see above).


John Chord - A mysterious creator on a freedom crusade for indies.
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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