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Quest - The game! (And the announcement of it's possible Sequel!)
Hey Everyone, Levi Ramirez here and today I would like to share with you my most recent game, <I>Quest - The Game</I>! Quest the game was a game that was made in 5 days that was basically me just stressing about exams and instead of studying I made a game (Stay in school kids.) The game was inspired by the Atari 2600 game named "Adventure" and how when I was younger and had a Atari I would sneak out of bed and play it in the dead of knight, exploring the mazes and fighting Dragons, exploring the different difficulties and what not. When I was younger I didn't even know you could beat it as I saw it as a mystical adventure where you go where you please and traverse mazes and stuff, but when I got older I realized the lameness and simplicity of what I once saw as a endless and mysterious game!

I wanted to capture that feeling again, the endless, confusing, mess of a game... And that's what I did. Small hints at what items do, randomized room patterns, not knowing whats around the bend is what I wanted people to experience. It is far from the best game or the most pretty game ever made by anyone or even by me, but it still holds a very personal spot in my heart.

Go play it here -> <URL url="https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/711669">https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/711669</URL>

So what now? It's a simple Browser game that might receive a update here or there... Well I am glad you asked.

The current game is almost set in stone, I have a few ideas I would like to implement to this but I wanna save the big stuff for a sequel, where Instead of making it for shits and giggles I make it a actual product... And I would like to share a few plans with you for the inevitable sequel.

Every game is more fun with a buddy. Maybe only co-op but eh.. who knows...

Better Graphics!
This one im a bit torn about... Do I keep the look of the 2600 for the sequel for the the second coming or jump into 5200? Maybe You could decide for me Wink

Just more of everything
More rooms, more monsters, More enemies, More curses, More Items, More bosses, More gamemodes, MORE! MORE! MORE!

Not as fun stuff
Being able to play with a controller or keyboard, With widescreen and offline. Maybe even a In-game Manuel... who knows.

The Scary Part!
Now I know what your thinking.. "Levi, holy shit that sounds amazing! How and where could I play it." And the answer is Probably a lot of places but there will be a cost... Don't freak out yet! Because you could buy this game for a whole dollar! (That's pretty cheap!) along with free updates! It for sure will also have a demo to try out if your still iffy... even though your pants are complete drenched in shit because of all the awesome stuff I just said.

If you wanna keep updated follow me on the social media that is linked on my Newgrounds page, that is where I will keep you up to date with any new projects and what nots!

Anyways, thanks for reading!


First of all, it's really amazing because you seem to really love the game and idea of it, judging of the nostalgia of your post Big Grin It's amazing when devs have such motivations and it really pays off.

The game is fun to play, is a bit hard even on early level - and it REALLY depends on your weapon. Other than that I'll try to come further, everything's amazing until now! (Btw I like the retro graphics)
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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