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[HTML5, Adventure/RPG] Dungeon With An End
H again, after almost a year of work I finally released a much more polished RPGMaker MV game on Kongregate! Graphics and audio are highly improved from any of my previous games. It is an adventure/RPG style game with puzzle solving and turn-based battles. On a fast playthrough, there is about an hour of content. The game is pretty epic!

" Discover what happens when a snowstorm forces our Hero to step into an endless dungeon … only to find that there is no way out! 
Surely a brave Hero is up to the task of adventure in the name of being able to see the sun again? "

- Uniquely re-skinned game graphics
- Original high quality music soundtrack
- Original storyline
- Unique game mechanics
- Carefully balanced battle system
- Accessible to all ages and skill levels (game can be completed with or without doing more challenging tasks)
- Lots of in-game secrets to unlock gear and shortcuts which help finish the game in a faster time!

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