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[NEW] Updated Roadmap
Hey there everyone!

It's been a while since our last public roadmap and I thought I would sit down and share some bits from the administrative agenda for this third quarter of the year. Considering our parliamentary break is due to end by the weekend, some of these ideas will be put on the table very soon. Your opinion is of course welcome.

The items below are separated into 2 categories: Community Updates & Project Updates. 

You'll realize that the agenda puts way more weight on Project Updates like the CL, SW Live, Portal etc. in comparison to Community Updates and that's because some projects experience slight or significant recessions and in need of returning artists, active artists and new artists. When the projects start doing well again, we will focus again more on community updates.

The administrative agenda for the third quarter of the year is as follows:


Projects Updates

Improve the Community Label 

1.Throughout the past few months we did some tests with different genre-based live-streams with CL tracks. We will sit down and see which ones worked out best and create a streaming schedule to increase organic traffic to it. 

2. As our games Portal is growing, we will be recommending CL music to our Portal developers for use in their games (Of course permission by the music' artists will be needed for them to be used, goes without saying). Joining the CL should therefore open doors to potential collaborations and getting your music featured in indie games.

3. We are going to be creating a new Community Label Guidelines thread as well as an act in our statute book that will contain all the rules and guidelines regarding the Community Label, what artists have to be careful and mindful about and so forth. The FAQ page will be further enhanced with questions and answers regarding the CL's guidelines.
This thread will also contain an overview of the milestone no. of submissions point rewards as well as badge rewards for their performance in terms of views.

Improve the Portal

1. Once a few more submissions (3-5) come in, we will be proceeding to create a Portal front-page, featuring the best games and newest games. Later this page will be expanded to include genre categories and some of the titles within them.

2. Create a better universal design for all Portal pages, allowing quick changes in events and contests. 

3. Create a schedule for updating the data on the application for SW for Developers.

4. Create a thread including all information on Sponsorships, as well as an application form.

5. Setup a sub-section of the Portal that will focus on mobile games. These will not be found on the Portal pages' but instead on our SW Google Play account. Developers of mobile games will be able to submit their games there using the new application form and we will be publishing them on this account.

A discussion on what SW Live will be used for

1. SW Live has seen almost no activity in the past few weeks due to an absence of active streamers. Parliament will have to go through all of the available options of what the channel could be used for, seeing how game streaming doesn't seem to have been sustainable. Ideas on how to connect it with the Portal and CL to help artists and developers will be on the table.

Discord updates

1. A discord channel containing all useful links and information on our projects will be created.

2. A section on our FAQ page focusing on our Discord server will be created.

Community Updates

1. An Appeals and Help sub-forum. The idea is that banned users should have a way to contact the mods or the administration to appeal a ban or that warned users can appeal their warning. Users will only be able to see the threads they started in this sub-forum, while staff will be able to see everything. 
The idea is to create a more flexible system ban and warning system, allowing the banned to come into discussion with multiple members of the team, get them to understand our guidelines and possibly give us a different perspective on a case.

2. A Growth Index. There are times the community and its projects are performing good, others less so. We have been working on a growth index, an index that will show the growth of our community and its projects in points, updating each week and giving us a growth percentage. The index will calculate growth based on 10+ parameters, updated weekly.
Parliament will have access to multiple indexes (or indices) that will help determine which projects are currently booming and deciding better on how to allocate its time and on what projects. - Done

3. Improve subscriptions. More incentives for users to subscribe, as well as certain advantages for the month that the subscription is active. 

4. More flexibility on parliamentary membership for staff members. As of now staff members are automatically required to be members of parliament, that for many is not possible or just not what they came for. Staff members shall be able to give up their status as MPs.

5. Finish the statute book. In the last few weeks I worked on getting all decisions that parliament has taken in one single document called the Statute Book, which for 1) gives an overview of how our parliament functions and how guidelines are put together in acts and 2) an overview of all the active acts. A few things are still missing, but it will be finished within the next weeks.


This is our administrative agenda. This time I refrained from including bigger ideas that we haven't given already some concrete through on their implementation. Instead, this is a list of realistic and relatively easily passed items that in my opinion would benefit the community.

As far as what will go through and what will fall through, that's up for parliament to decide.

Looking forward to hear from you!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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