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Introducing: Unions
Hey there everyone! Today I would like to introduce you to a new feature we're adding: Unions.

What is a union?

A union is a group of users that team up to help each other in their common goals regarding the community. Every user can create and lead up to 1 union, but can be a member of multiple unions.

The registration of a union costs 1000 SWP (points). Once a user has created a union, he becomes its leader. Each union gets one sub-forum under our new Unions sub-forum and a new channel on Discord under the Unions category. Only the unions' members can see the forums' and channels' content.

Why create/join a union?

Various reasons. It can be just for fun, a meme that members like, maybe a group that is about discussing and addressing a certain topic - or influence the decisions that our parliament takes by taking part in elections.

What are elections?

Every 15th of the month there will be elections, during which users can vote for a union. Unions with certain percentages gain advantages that help them to participate in parliamentary proceedings without needing to be MPs themselves. The leader of the union must pay 100 SWP for the union to participate in elections.

5% of the vote - The leader of the union can file "Official Proposals" that will be discussed in parliament. You can use these to propose ideas that MPs are required to discuss on, things that most of your group members generally agree on.

10% of the vote - The leader of the union can request an "expert hearing" - Meaning the unions' members can attend the next parliamentary sitting and speak directly to MPs.

Leading Union (Union that gets the most votes) - Can address parliament each week for 10 minutes.

Want to join a union? Here's the overview of unions you can choose to join: https://superwerer.com/usercp.php?action=usergroups

Want to create your own union? Here's the registration form: https://superwerer.com/form.php?formid=10


Q: How many unions can I create/join?
A: You can only be the leader of 1 union. You can however be a member in an unlimited number of unions.

Q: How do I join a union?
A: You have to ask its leader to give you permission to join. They can then decide if the permission is granted or not.

Q: How often do elections take place and does my union have to participate?
A: Elections are always on the 15th of the month. Your union does not participate by default. For your union to participate your union's leader has to pay the participation fee of 100 SWP. 

Q: Does a union need a specific goal that wishes to achieve?
A: No. A union can be about anything - no set list of goals is needed. 

Q: What fees need to be paid?
A: The union's leader only needs to pay the 1000 SWP registration fee. There's an additional 100 SWP fee for each election, if the leader decides to list the union for voting.

Q: Who can vote in elections?
A: Everyone, except banned members.

Q: Can the leader transfer the leadership of the union?
A: Yes, by contacting and administrator and saying so.

Q: What happens if a union is trying to break the community's rules or encourages its members to do so?
A: The union will be disabled. Disabled unions can't participate in elections.
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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