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[Unity WebGL] hiBOTCHi prototype - Fast-paced Tetris-inspired cooking with cards
Hi all, I'm developing a game that's meant to be a Tetris/Slay the Spire mashup.

It has progressed through iteration into a game about cooking & serving customers. Match three (or two, or four) falling foods by manipulating their location and rotation with your deck of cards. But watch out for the hazards on your stove top! (However, some can be helpful...)

Your goal is to complete the orders of your customers.
To do so, match the relevant foods that are falling by moving and rotating them with the effects of the cards in your hand.
Play cards from your hand by dragging them out until they glow.
If the food piles up to reach the end of your "stovetop" (the grid), you lose!

Planned for release on itch.io and on mobile for Android (not sure. about iOS but I'll try my best.)

New Update: Added new card effects and hazards!

• Add New Food spawns another food at the top of the stovetop.
• Change Food Type changes the type of food that's falling.
• Discard makes you discard.
Each level showcases a new different effect.
Added new sprites and animations!
• Spatula animation for moving and flipping food.
• Tongs animation for rotating food.
• New icons for Movement, Add New Food, Change Food Type, and Discard.
Fixed customer timer timing out.
Fiddled with difficulty balance.
Changed UI.

Updated instructions.
Now, I know  people don't generally read tutorials, but I took it upon myself to create a time-based one for my game prototype.

[Image: sIT0U%2F.png]
[Image: ETTQSm.png]

Complete Changelog 11-13-2019

Added Tutorial.

Added Logo!

Added Exhaust hazards, which add a useless Exhaust card to your deck.

Updated the title screen to be playable with cards!

Refactored project and maximized efficient code.

Added customer faces.

Updated splash screen.

Customer timer balance updates

Various other quality-of-life improvements.
Added Customer Timers.
• Customers will leave after their timer runs out, and you won't be able to complete their order.
Added card that gives a temporary shield that protect foods from hazards.
Added card and hazard that affects customer timers.
Added seventh level.
Cards that can't be played return to player's hand after mouse (or finger) is released.
Fixed bug that allowed food to be able to be placed on the same grid space as another.
Fixed bug that allowed food to travel past the grid edges.
Various other small quality improvements across the board.
Happy 2020!

I updated the method of creating and loading levels in order to minimize lines of code and maximize performance efficiency.

Rather than having each level be a separate scene, I made one “Scriptable Scene” and pass all level data through to it via a DontDestroyOnLoad script that carries a Level ScriptableObject with all of the data it needs to begin a new level.

It's probably not noticeable, but I feel better about the size and scope of this project now.

Full Changelog For 01-06-2020:
Added "Double Next Effect" card.
• It, as you can imagine, doubles the effect of the next card you play.
Added eighth level.
Added the option to randomly generate a level.
Updated method of saving and loading level data. (This is invisible to the user, but I hope it'll decrease the game's file size and improve its efficiency and speed.)
Updated icon for mobile users.
Updated background to wooden floor texture.
Fixed bug that wouldn't load some cards or hazard images.
Various other small quality improvements across the board.
I began developing a color palette based on classic Japanese art and iconography. It's still subject to change, but I thought I'd share what progress I have made so far.
[Image: 6fb6e4c5cc874194a911a39849e34948.Hibotchi_Palette.png][Image: f192cefd522745a7a87ccf2248ebed92.Screen-....05-PM.png]
In addition, I updated sprites and icons to be 32x32 pixels and formatted them in sprite sheets so that they're more easily accessible and editable.
[Image: 39643d51fa2b431083abd888128e2b91.Screen-....22-PM.png][Image: 1af62a87786349b9857182afffc612b3.Screen-....59-PM.png][Image: 3e5600187cf9473281b9518f090bc391.Screen-....14-PM.png]
Garnishes are new optional objectives to complete while finishing orders. They appear next to a customer's order and display what they want you to do through new sprite icons.
Another big update is the palette change! I've narrowed it down to six colors.
The full change log is :
Added Garnishes.
• These are optional objectives to complete as you finish orders. Ones included currently are

• Complete this order on the left side of the stove.

• Complete this order on the right side of the stove.

• Complete this order in the center of the stove.

• Complete this order within 30 seconds.

• Complete this order within 60 seconds.

• Miss all hazards as you complete this order.

• Hit a hazard as you complete this order.

Updated Tutorial to address this garnish update.

Updated the color palette.

Changed sprites to 32px.

Added more instructions to begin the game for first-time users.

Updated background to Japanese tatami floor texture.

Added exclamation points to warning sprites.

Added animations of knife, pan, spoon, grease, and smoke.

Updated UI.

Various other small quality improvements and bug fixes.
The next big update to Hibotchi changes up the UI to add a "history" panel and a "number of similar cards" number on cards, as well as an "order completed" animation! It's still in the works, but I thought I'd share a progress gif.

[Image: uxmArz.gif]
This update was focused on making behind-the-scenes functionality more apparent to players, so they can better understand how these in-game systems work and thus have more fun playing!
[Image: e07305967b96496a8573925cc9827714.Screen-....02-PM.png]
Full Changelog:
Combine cards of similar types while they're in your hand.
• The number of similar cards in your hand shows up in a red circle at the top left of a card.
Updated UI.
• Replaced the "Informative Text"s with a History Panel to the side of the screen.
• Added a "Level Details" canvas that shows you what cards, hazards, and food will appear in a level before you begin!
• Updated cursor icon (on WebGL)
• Removed Deck and Discard Size.
Added Hover Tooltips!
• When you hover (or press and hold on mobile) over an item, a tooltip pops up with additional information about the item.
Added some sound effects.
• Error sound when an invalid effect is played.
• Confirmation when a valid effect is played.
Modified the method that Hazards are placed to be less random.
Updated Tutorial to have better onboarding.
Added additional animations (like the grid layout in the beginning, and used food moving toward its completed order)
Additional smaller quality of life improvements and minor balance changes.

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