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Back and willing to chat!
It's been awhile since I've made a presence here so I thought I might as well start posting again in the form of a re-introduction.
I'm an upcoming animator (hopefully) and I also dabble in music a bit, but I'm not very good at it. I love independent artists, it's one of my favorite things ever, so on the internet I spend the majority of my time over at Newgrounds. I'm low level and all my personal stuff that's up is old, but if you would still like to follow me or check me out here's my account 
If you PM me on Newgrounds that's the quickest way you'll probably get a response from me if there was ever a reason you needed to contact me. If your too lazy to make a Newgrounds account here's my email.

I don't have much to do so I'm up to chat about whatever. Movie's, music, Newgrounds, ect
[Image: smiley_emoticons_klo-lesen-mann.gif]
also sorry for leaving the discord server.
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