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Expose your idea for made our forum/portal better!
Hey all!

We need your help!

Propose on the plenum your idea for made the forum or the portals better! We will talk about during parliamentary sitting and if we are agree, your idea can be used! Don't be affraid to said and explain what you want for Super Werer. We want all made this place better. Don't wait, and explain us your idea!

How to submit your idea?
That's really easy. Post on the plenum subforum a thread. Write [idea] in the title for show us this is an idea.
How to write it?
First, explain your idea. Secondary, explain why this idea is good for the forum. At the end, if we can have any incoveniant, explain us too. 
Your idea can be see by the staff team?
Of course. We read all the posts on the forum. So don't worry about it, your thread is readed.

Thanks everyone to had read this, and we wait for your ideas!

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