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Anybody need a video game soundtrack? (7 songs)
<URL url="https://soundcloud.com/user-273665071/sets/dannys-video-game-soundtrack"><LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/user-273665071/s ... soundtrack">https://soundcloud.com/user-273665071/sets/dannys-video-game-soundtrack</LINK_TEXT></URL>

This is a set of 7 songs if anybody feels like they could have a use for them. They were for a video game my friend was designing, but he cancelled the project leaving me with not only these 7 tracks, but some B-Sides you can find throughout my Soundcloud page. Please let me know if you'd like to use any one of these I could definitely use some notoriety in return.
Those are all pretty good songs. Too bad I can’t use them, as I suck at anything but music and sleeping.
I need pancakes...
Thanks for the feedback, I'm in that same boat bro except add Dark Souls to that list too

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