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Our Community Label - An Overview
Hey everyone!

Today I want to introduce you to our new feature, the community label.

What is the community label?

You are a music creator and publish your work on various platforms, but no matter who much promotion, you are not getting enough. You might eventually want to search for a bigger channel or network to publish your work. The problem here is that such "labels" often have high requirements - and the name and own follower base plays a major role. And yet there are awesome artists and awesome songs that just can't find a label because they're new or their genre is not accepted. And that's where the community "label" comes in.

You can join the community label and have your work published on our channel on YouTube. While it is currently still relative small, we plan on building on it and with the help of the first artists we are going to expand our audience. Unlike companies owning labels, we are an independent communities publishing works of independent creators. Here are some of the features.

What does the "label" offer & what is in there for me?

- When you want to join, we don't look at your follower base or your name as a creator. We look at what you want to show to the world. We are not lowering the bar on quality, but on popularity.

- We distribute your work. This is the core part of the label, we are distributing your work on a platform with work of many other creators, pretty much like a collective. Both you as the artist and we are promoting your soundtracks. The advantage here is, that this platform contains a lot of different soundtracks and attracts a lot more users who want to listen to music.

- The genre range. While we have a focus on electronic genres, we want to expand our horizons towards other categories as well, while keeping everything categorized correctly.

- And this is where the word label overrides the word collective - we offer to represent you. You can have your work published on our platform and have an contact e-mail of yours for potential users who want to have a license to use your work in one specific project. Before they can use it, you of course would like to give them permission first and negotiate the potential costs. You can of course also say that everyone is allowed to use it as they wish. Or you could say that we should be the speaking partner if someone is interested in using your work. In this case we will have our own e-mail and be the contact person. Before making a deal, you will decide whether you like it or not. This is completely optional.

- We furthermore promote your soundtracks, so you don't have to do that alone. We don't only upload it and say "done", but work towards giving it a lot of attention.

- Flexibility. You can quit any time, an e-mail suffices. No fees. You hold the rights to the soundtrack, we take it down from our channel and you could rejoin in a later point.

- Milestone rewards. With milestones, you will get additional points on the forums for example. every 100 views you get on your track.

- Revenue is yours - with our milestones system we will make sure that you get what revenue your soundtrack generated.

Submit your tracks now here using this form: https://superwerer.com/form.php?formid=1
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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