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Infiniter Shooter, Space Shooter Game!!!
<COLOR color="#00FFFF"><SIZE size="200"><U>Introduction</U></SIZE></COLOR>

<SIZE size="110">Hello!!! This Is My First Topic Here!! I'm Just Disclosing My Game, And If You Want To Play Then, The Link Is Under The Game Description.</SIZE>

<SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="#00BFFF"><U>Game Description</U></COLOR></SIZE>

<SIZE size="110">I Made This Game With The Purpose Of Just Spending Time, And I Made It In 3 Days, It's a 2d Space Shooter, With Permanent Items!!! The Objective Is Reach The Max Score or Play In Not Endless Mode And Beat The Final Boss (I Think He Is Working.). I'm Making New Contents For Him Everyday, And I Think, That My Game Can Get Getter, If You Want To Help Me Sending Sprites, Sounds etc, I Will Be Very Happy and Will Be Very Helpfull!!! Big Grin This Game Is My First Prototype Of My Idea!!! When I Finish Then, I Will Add The Final Sprites, Better Menus And More!!! But I'm Bad At Drawing.</SIZE>

<SIZE size="120"><COLOR color="#00BFFF"><U>Game Link: <URL url="https://www.kongregate.com/games/Andrey1361/infiniter-shooter">[url]<LINK_TEXT text="https://www.kongregate.com/games/Andrey ... er-shooter">https://www.kongregate.com/games/Andrey1361/infiniter-shooter</LINK_TEXT>[/url]</URL></U></COLOR></SIZE>

<SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="#00BFFF"><U>My Story</U></COLOR></SIZE>

<SIZE size="110">My Story. . . (Thinking) I'm Just Have 16 Years, And I Always Loved Games!!! My Passion With Developing Started With Visual Basic. It's Not a Game Platform But I Make My First "Game" On Him. My 2 Platform Was Game Maker and Rpg Maker In The Same Year, I just Used These Two Very Low And I Don't Know How To Much Say Of These Two. I Live In Brazil And My English Is Bad If You See. My 3rd Platform Is My Favorite Now, Construct 2. I Just Make All My "Games" On Him. But I Will In The Future Go to Unity 3d or Unreal Engine To Make Oficial Marketing Games. </SIZE>

<SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="#00BFFF"><U>My Team</U></COLOR></SIZE>

<SIZE size="110">The Name Of My Team Is Just a Joke Or A Meme Xd. It's The Fishtronaut Cartoon But The Name Is On Brazillian, This Name Is A Joke Of My Best Friends And We Have a BADDD IDEA (or not) To Make a Team With This Name: Peixonauticos Gaming. Sounds Funny And I Like, I Just Love My Friends, My Team Just Have Two Peoples, And That's Me and My Friend Anderson, He Is Good To Draw But We Are Lazy And It's Hard To Make Pixel Arts, And We Don't Have a Digitizer Tablet To Make Better 2d Arts.</SIZE>

<SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="#00BFFF"><U>Final</U></COLOR></SIZE>

<SIZE size="120">So This Is All Of Me (I Think), If You Want To Join My Team Tell Me, We Need Someone To Make Sounds And Another Artist. Thank You To Read These "Book" And Yes I Will Compete On The Best Games Of The Month But I Know I Will Not Win (I Think Xd) But It's A Honor To Participate. Thank You Attention And If You Want My Contact Reply My Post. Byee </SIZE>
Hey! First of all that's an awesome background story. I started myself making games from a very young age. And your English is okay Big Grin

I would suggest maybe adding a bit more action. The missiles and the fast moving bullets later on are a start but having the standard weapon having to shoot a spaceship 4 times is a bit too much for the beginning Big Grin Maybe try to add more enemies and having them destroyed after 2 shots. And maybe consider making the standard shooting a bit faster.
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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