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A random fun picture
In this picture you have my girlfriend and I's O.C.s doing some sort of disco thing and SuperWerer is there <IMG src="https://art.ngfiles.com/images/626000/626030_boomflargadude_a-fun-random-picture.png?f1531708335">[img]<URL url="https://art.ngfiles.com/images/626000/626030_boomflargadude_a-fun-random-picture.png?f1531708335"><LINK_TEXT text="https://art.ngfiles.com/images/626000/6 ... 1531708335">https://art.ngfiles.com/images/626000/626030_boomflargadude_a-fun-random-picture.png?f1531708335</LINK_TEXT></URL>[/img]</IMG>
Well, that is an awesome drawing hahahaha

Hm, the guy on the left looks really suspicious tho Big Grin
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The guy in the middle looks like me when my jam comes on :lol:
I need pancakes...

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