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New game:Jaythans Quest 3
Jaythans Quest is a....Rpg fighting game(of sorts) with characters existing from the Jaythan Universe. Im open to adding youre characters though. Jaythans quest 1 was the original and probably the most stable version. The more lazier version JQ 2 was...Well a sequel it followed the same mechanics but with new characters and attacks. There is a "test" for JQ3, it was originally a scroll around where you could explore...Im not good at those kind of games so instead...It remains the same formula. Here a little information on JQ3 though. JQ3 isn't going to be the last in series and it will probably be the best since im WAY better at Scratch now. It follows the same mechanics(sigh) and it also has textboxes(Credits to Alzter), and you can get new items and I might even add some decisions for diffrent endings I've already programmed the Tutorial Level. Dont worry though there's more to come soon!
Is there a demo anywhere? Or could you link me to Jaythan's Quest 1? I would like to check it out.
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