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[Showcase] Japanese Music Artists #2 - ナユタン星人
Heya guys! It's Argon again! The guy who definitely kept the promise of doing this every week!
Nonono, of course I didn't get people to say that I haven't made one this week on the discord servers, never!

Anyways, today we're gonna be talking about a music artist by the name of ナユタン星人 (Pronounced: Nayutan Seijin, translation is Nayutan Alien)!
This. Freaking. Dude. Is literally one of my favorite Japanese music artists when it comes to songs with lyrics.

Before I start to speak about his songs, let me explain about what "Vocaloids" are for a minute. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not.
Vocaloids are programs that you can input words for the program to sing. Edit the notes on what key each word are said, and how long. It's basically a singer only for you.™ And to make it short, Nayutan was one of the many music artists that started to make songs and make his Vocaloid sing. Also the reason Vocaloid songs are so popular is because other Singers in the web covers the songs the Vocaloids sings. And because of Nayutan's very catchy rhythm and his original, creative lyrics which weren't very hard to sing compared to other Vocaloid songs which had a very high note and was very fast. It made it easier for people to cover and this exploded, making him really famous, to a point he made an anime OP <-- I legit couldn't believe this when I first saw it. Also the anime is "Happy Sugar Life", if you know what kind of anime that is, you'd be even more surprised. <I>why did Nayutan agree to make something like that for this anime lol</I>

Okay, time showcase 3 of my personal picks from Nayutan.
Also, I'm gonna say this right now Nayutan does not own a YouTube channel so I'm gonna take ones made reposted on to YouTube. And, I'm also gonna post both the Original Vocaloid (Or not) version and a personal favorite cover one, if there is any. Okay, let's go!

ダンスロボットダンス (Dance, Robot, Dance)
Original (Vocaloid Miku) - <URL url="https://youtu.be/XjXS5FFi-a8">https://youtu.be/XjXS5FFi-a8</URL>
Cover (By Sou) - <URL url="https://youtu.be/EGPxj_R0F28">https://youtu.be/EGPxj_R0F28</URL>
Okay, first song. This song literally blew up when it first came up. This song was original for a 3v3 online battle game in japan for a BGM for one of the characters. Because of the stupidly catchy rhythm and just pure amazingness that this is, if you just type "ダンス" which means "Dance" in japanese on YouTube, you will see this song just 4 videos or so in. That's how famous this song is. And this song became even more famous than it's suppose to be when the big Singers started to cover the song and the Rhythm Games in Japan's arcades took this song. This song was huge.

インスタントヘヴン (Instant Heaven)
Original (By Nanao Akari and Eve!) - <URL url="https://youtu.be/IrrF_bUE8yc">https://youtu.be/IrrF_bUE8yc</URL>
Cover - As far as I know there isn't any yet, or even covers by Vocaloids.
This is, as far as I know the newest song made by Nayutan. Maybe the anime OP is a bit newer then this but I haven't seen an official upload so let's make this the newest. To be fair, the 2018 and late 2017 Nayutan has kinda stopped making songs having a galactic theme of love. This time for Akari's new album with Nayutan they made a song basically about someone who wants to get likes and be famous (Akari) and the one who is already famous and is his friend (Eve). I think. That's how I interpreted the song anyways. Also you probably already know Eve and Sou (The guy who covered Dance Robot Dance) are really good friends of Nayutan. So, next song should be..

明星ギャラクティカ (Venus Galatica)
Original (By Eve and Sou) - <URL url="https://youtu.be/nsx7NbfsPqM">https://youtu.be/nsx7NbfsPqM</URL>
Cover? (Other one by Vocaloid Miku) - <URL url="https://youtu.be/BOqpVHu4f5M">https://youtu.be/BOqpVHu4f5M</URL>
Okay first of all, I'm not quite sure if the original is sung by Eve and Sou, but from what Eve said on the description of that Video it seems like it is the original.
So, turns out this is also relatively new. So you can scratch off about how I said Nayutan doesn't make Galactic love songs. My bad. But this is really good. This is what true Nayutan style should be like, goofy and simple Music Video and a very catchy rhythm with an easy to sing lyrics. Love it.

And so, that finally concludes the showcasing #2! Nayutan I love you ~~
I hope you liked his music as I much as I do everyday. And thanks for reading this block of text!

Next time, a DJ? Either a cool Pink Flower or a Crazy DJ who's the father of vocal chops (to me atleast)? <-- if anyone understood this I respect you so much
I'll decide that maybe, I'd also love to know which one you guys would pick, I don't mind doing any of the above I love them both.

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