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First EP | inspired by burial, jamie xx
Hi everyone, i just released my first EP under the moniker ' a blue boy'

<URL url="https://soundcloud.com/ablueboy/sets/love-for">https://soundcloud.com/ablueboy/sets/love-for</URL>

Its got kinda a glitchy, break beat, lofi vibe to it . Would love for anyone to check it out. Not really sure what the rules are here, but i have some spare time today so can listen/give feedback to other peoples projects

Welcome <COLOR color="#000080">A Blue Boy</COLOR>,

I listened to the first track of the EP. Honestly, for whatever reason I thought Burial was something else. I had confused it for the industrial band, Ministry, which I like.

Are the vocals sampled or are they you? It's a very chill track, I really appreciate the sound of vocals being so buried in the mix in this fashion. That highlights the human voice as an instrument, and it's really beautiful here. I'm not so familiar with the genre I'd like to quickly mention.
I hear very minor skips that are barely noticeable, but they convey the glitch sound you're after. Glitch music interests me. The drums for the most part are reminiscent of trap to me, especially when there are hihat rolls that pitch down. There's lofi piano somewhere in there, again I'm not sure if it's sampled or not. It doesn't matter, but as a musician I'm curious.
I like the change of snare sound near the end, it's a great hit. Additionally I really like the dub vocals at the end with the marching snare bits.

It's not my genre or something I would normally listen to but it sounds good and I love the lofi feel. Thanks for sharing, good work!
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thanks man!

This is definitely the most sampled out of the songs on the EP. I started out producing doing lofi hip hop so ive always been interested im sampling , but now i try to keep a balance in songs between sampling and my own work. The vocals are sampled (i cant sing lol), and the synths/ piano is about 50/50 chopped samples vs my own.
Its kinda hard to put it in a genre, maybe lofi electonic. Thanks for checking it out though x

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