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You're Trash
Here is another instrumental punk demo, it's on the heavier side. Most of the punk I have messed with is hardcore punk, but this specifically has more of a New York Hardcore sound. If you haven't read my other thread, this is a second demo of a punk project I'm putting together with a friend. He will end up playing live drums once he learns more, as well as performing vocals and writing lyrics.
<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/gravaged2/youre-trash">[soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/gravaged2/youre-trash[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

I have another track I'd like to post where I recorded a version where I did vocals, but I don't think I'll post it because of the offensive lyrics ....
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Heheheh. 8-)
Ok, the guitar rift at the beginning is very cool! I like how bone chilling it sounds! The drums are also very cool! I could see this playing at a bar, or in a biker gang. I love the way this one sounds a lot. I hope your friend got a good idea what good punk is from this, cause this is amazing! :lol:
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