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chipGrime by .stef // 8bit synth arps with BigBeats
An older project of mine.
Growing up with a c64 is defining...i love those SID sounds!!
In the 90s as a Teen i discovered the Prodigy as an alternative to the eurodance craze and fell in love with that sound.
So i sometimes try and fuse those two. I also dabble in hiphop/dnb with a 8bit spin.


<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/stg-stef/chipgrime-delayed_wasptrain-version-1">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text="https://soundcloud.com/stg-stef/chipgri ... -version-1">https://soundcloud.com/stg-stef/chipgrime-delayed_wasptrain-version-1</LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

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