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Venting About My Psychiatrist
Yes, yes the rumours in your head are true. I have a psychiatrist. It has been like 4 months since I started seeing her I believe, and she FUCKS UP SO OFTEN. She is Romanian, I like her accent. Anyway so I was leaving a facility and she didn't write me a script in time -- I was going to run out and then experience withdrawals. We had a meeting a few days before I left the facility, and she should have been aware of my low count of this medicine. It was a goose chase, I had to call several people, and they told me to go to her office in a different city and that she'd write it. I go to this city, I expect to see her when I walk in and it's a very weird building. There was this like, random Asian guy who was behind a desk and given the decor I thought I was definitely NOT in a Dr's office. "Uh, Is Doctor _________ here?" I asked, and he said "OH you must be Gravaged. Here." and he gives me an envelope with my name on it and then the script was inside. Okay? Well I had another medicine running low, I was upset that I didn't get to see her and my next appointment was not for some time. Again I had called, and just made some weird shitty excuses.
This psych does not put refills <I>on</I> the scripts. Instead I just get a new script every time.

BLAH BLAH BLAH that's the end of chapter one. Every following time I saw her I felt the need to remind her when I needed a new script or how much medicine I had remaining.She straight roasts me for smoking and/or vaping. It was requested by her that I get a panel (blood work) done, and I did it. She went over the results with me which were pretty poor, and told me that I need to go do it again and that if the results are the same, then I need to see a general practitioner. Yaddayadda, I go. My next appointment I have with her she said she doesn't have it, it's supposed to be faxed to her within a week which I definitely was in the time frame for. Okay well, next appointment? A month later, and there was no way for me to get these blood results that were concerning the first time (Something <I>could</I> have been dire, but thankfully was not). Whatever, a month goes by and there I am. She wasn't even mentioning it, so I led her by asking about it. It was embarrassing to see her realize she fucking forgot, and then she said she didn't have it.
She texts her secretary and she is on speaker phone with the company who conducted the panel, she's on hold. Five or ten minutes go by, nothing, until her secretary emails her the results (Which should have been there and put away in my file in the first place).
Cool, whatever, we go over it. Remember that I feel it's necessary to remind her how I'm doing on my quantity of various medicines because of that original fuckup. "Don't worry, I'm writing you a script for all of them." (I take like 4 different ones), nice! That's great, right? I go to get them filled and some scripts were copies and some were originals. Pharmacies can't legally accept a copy of a script, why the fuck would she not give me the original? How did she not notice? How do you mess up so badly, that could have been an extreme problem. I got it sorted out, but God she's a headache. Perhaps I should look into getting a new one. She's got me on a good regimen though, so I'm grateful for that. Frustrating......
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