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Performing the music you make?
So I've been curious for a while as to how an individual such as myself could take original works and put them into a live context. Is it common to simply play a track through, do some show filler and start the next track? I imagine it would be advisable to learn at least some basics of DJing and tailor your tracks to be almost modular with the intros/outros in the name of a streamlined performance. As a producer would you only perform your own tracks, or pepper them in with trending music?

Does anyone here perform live? And do you have some basics/tips/things-you-wish-you-knew to share?
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This is such a great idea for a topic, thanks for opening up this discussion. I wish I could be of help here but I've never performed live except for some friends.
You're talking about DJing, I know there are predominantly more solo musicians here than there are bands or groups..
In my own case, I write every single part to my songs. Rhythm and lead guitar, bass, drums, synth, vocals & lyrics. How would I perform live? I'd need a backing band, but I don't know if I could find anyone who would want to play songs that I wrote and such. It seems as if it's not an option for me, so I don't think too much about it.
However if anyone has been in a similar boat I'd love to hear advice.

I'm right there with you Dav.
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If I would have DJing equipment,I would definetly do a lot of raves,where possible.Of course,in the main mix there would be my own tracks,but in the mix there would be tracks that kinda jumpstarted me to make my own,and also the tracks that I really enjoy listening to.As for how I am going to play them,I would discover that with practice and the best techniques to conceal the bass and bring it back again to the ravers.

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