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Pulsus [Rhythm]
I'm making a topic on here to talk about my new game Pulsus, which is currently being made.
There will be a public beta open <S>eventually</S>, and I'm just here to show off some features and generally gage the public interest.

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/KFe2wGA.png">[img][/img]</IMG>

The squares shown on the game board will grow until they touch the border of the game board. You must try and tap the corresponding key on the keyboard when it reaches full size to get max 100 points.
[Top Left = R, Top Middle = T, Top Right = Y
Mid Left = F, Center = G, Mid RIght = H,
Bot Left = V, Bot Middle = B, Bot Right = N]

You can be rewarded up to 100 points for best timing, but hitting it too early or too late will result in getting either 50, 20, or 0 points.

Points are displayed in the center of the header, accuracy is on the left, and the combo is on the right.

Health is also displayed at the top as a white bar, the worse you perform, the lower it drops, and when it hits 0, you fail.

When a level is completed, it will display your stats, along with a graph of your performance throughout the level.

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/It2yR2w.png">[img][/img]</IMG>

There will also be an in-game level editor, allowing users to create and share their own levels.

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/FKHY7Kf.png">[img][/img]</IMG>

(Here's what the level select gui looks like in case you were wondering too)

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/OUTboUS.png">[img][/img]</IMG>

The game will be made in HTML5, JavaScript, & Processing.JS

Leave any questions or comments and I'll make sure to respond Big Grin
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<FONT font="Helvetica">I hope you will improve on the GUI but at the same style keep the modern,sharp and clean look,I personally love it and there is no one who could not like it.</FONT>
<FONT font="Helvetica">The design and the concept is actually really neat,so I hope this progresses futher.I am also quite a fan of rythm games,not so good at them but I enjoy clicking to the music.The rythm games that I play are osu! and Geometry Dash.So,overall,good luck,this is a nice concept.</FONT>
i would love to test that! so as i understood its kind of like guitar hero? and will it be available on android?
Seem like the life I need's a little distant
I'm really curious, I want to try this out. Impatient to see this!
<QUOTE author="DonJorge" post_id="2142" time="1532893914" user_id="230">
DonJorge post_id=2142 time=1532893914 user_id=230 Wrote:i would love to test that! so as i understood its kind of like guitar hero? and will it be available on android?

I guess it would be close to how that game works, having to time it to the right spot so yeah, you could think of it like that Smile
Also yes, if I can somehow find a way to put it on mobile, it will be. I just haven't yet; And even if I did, that wouldn't be anytime soon.
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Opening a closed beta soon! If you are interested in joining, just make sure to let me know on here or on discord Smile
The game is going to be hosted on Newgrounds for now, so you're going to have to give me your account name so I can add you as a Beta Tester.
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