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This is truly boggling
What is all this schwabble?
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<QUOTE author="boomflargadude" post_id="2251" time="1532991567" user_id="246">
boomflargadude post_id=2251 time=1532991567 user_id=246 Wrote:This is truly boggling

You say it is boggleing, but You have yet to realize the potentiol you could hold in a higher position such as debuty.

Artical 1
Now, ignoring my slight bias being Booms Girlfreind, may i reason that i will be taking a non bias stand point on such articals of why boom would be a outstanding deputy, or at minum, moderator.
So please understand that this articals will only say the concrete truth.

Artical 2
Boomflargidude is a great man, and although sometimes quite, he can round up a group in a matter a second, as he is strong willed, and has an iron voice, and a dominating atmospere, in which everyone knows. Boom has entered the room. These are essintail qualitys we must observe, as boom is pure great. He has also suplied the comunity with art and fun, and memes, and even the very writer on these articals.

Artical 3
Flaws: None
If you say he has one, ill smite you.

Artical 4
Those are all, so please consider my wise words, and realy good spelling and grammer, read it a few times, and may the great super werer deity himself look down apon boom and say. "Thats a pretty cool guy" and give boom the power of the blue name clan.
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